Why we started?

Due to our passion for scuba diving we started to realize more and more what an enormous plastic soup we humans are causing. To contribute to a cleaner environment, Bas started to look for a sustainable, biodegradable and affordable alternative for plastic straws in August 2019.

On his search for an alternative we finally ended up at wheat straws; a strong natural and biodegradable product. After all the drinking pleasure, our straws are just a nutrient for our soil. That’s how we will make the difference at land and keep our oceans clean. Still at the same time you are able to drink your cocktail or lemonade with an eco-straw. Cool, isn’t it?

We are giving the environment a bit extra space back in return by donating 2% of every purchase to The Ocean Cleanup. They can make the difference at sea and we at the mainland. Win-win, isn’t it?


Chemelot Partner

ECO Wheat - Collection B.V. is a sustainable company, born from the passion for scuba diving, which focuses on carbon dioxide reduction, making worthless agricultural residual waste valuable, in collaboration with Platinum Partner Chemelot.

Since January 2020, in collaboration with our Platinum Partner Chemelot, subsidiary of DSM, we have been developing our natural wheat straw products to reduce CO2 emissions worldwide, but also want to serve giants in the Fast Food industry and Health Care with this natural and sustainable product that can be nature composts within 21 days. We now supply both private individuals and businesses. From Albert Heijn and Irma to the entire Oostwegel Collection and Marriott Germany.

What we stand for?

ECO Wheat - Collection B.V. is always looking for the most environmentally friendly solutions. Wheat - Straws, Wheat - Stirrers and Wheat - Cotton Buds are hygienic, disposable, compostable and affordable.

Environmentally friendly solutions is what we stand for. Wheat is (straw, hay, thatch, dent or cane but) and the best environmentally friendly alternative for plastic disposables. We decorate your drink at home, in the café and in the restaurant and of course we make sure you make up in a responsible manner.

You can find 3 different sizes of our straws ranging from 15 cm to 23 cm. Our Cotton Buds and Stirrers will be available shortly.